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In recent hospitality interviews , Top Hotel Industry Executive Larry Korman, of AKA, was quoted as saying; "When people leave home, they want technology, wellness, and cleanliness.” That supports a growing trend among restaurants, hotels, motels, lodges, resorts and inns, to offer thoughtful responses to emerging health and safety concerns. In a recent Hotelier Magazine article, "Fairmont properties worldwide will celebrate Earth Hour by turning off the lights this Saturday, March 28, and illuminating 40 hotel lobbies globally with the new Lobby Scent Candles, developed by New York-based perfumer, Le Labo.”In the hospitality industry, guests have a number of expectations or factors that lead to a positive impression of an establishment, including internet connectivity, privacy, exercise facilities, spa and wellness services. Candles may just be the new tonic, assuaging guests into feeling right at home. Brighten a lobby or a walkway, create a stunning visual display, and let your dining room sparkle with timed or remote controlled flameless candles. Not the tacky ones you used to see, but real wax candles that look great switched on or off, with dancing flames, and realistic wicks that conceal LED bulbs.
When discussing options with your flame free candle supplier, be sure to ask about the important features that your customers will notice and appreciate; it’s all in the detail!

Outdoor Flameless Candles

To maintain a consistent ambiance throughout, consider the beauty, elegance, and durability of all weather flameless candles. They offer both exceptional accent and functional lighting to your patio, garden, entranceway, or even poolside. Outdoor flameless candles are rain resistant and most importantly will never blow out from the wind!

Programmable Timers

The best part about all weather ‘pillars’ with their Realistic Wick Design, is that everyone enjoys the flicker and glow of candlelight, while your staff can focus their attention on the guests. With the convenience of programmable timers, you simply set for 1-23 hours; there’s no re-stocking of burnt down candles, and never the concern of messy wax runoff, burning odor, or dangerous mishaps spoiling your guests’ experience. High quality electric candles will last for up to 2,000 hours of candlelight before battery replacement.  

Floating Flameless Candles

If you are looking for that unique touch of class for special events, we recommend floating flameless candles; they are perfect for poolside or pond-side functions after the sun goes down. Specially engineered to activate when placed in any water basin, floating wax flowers and floating tea lights provide a warm soothing mood and natural glow to any outdoor function without interruption due to weather or concern for the safety of your guests. Be sure to ask about battery life; we recommend those with 120 hours of use or more.


Only the most reputable and confident wholesale flameless candle suppliers and manufacturers provide an extensive merchandise guarantee. Look for suppliers that offer a 12 month warranty on their entire line. If choosing rechargeable candles, we recommend those with an extended warranty of at least 18-months.
Your clients expect nothing but attentive service, quality product, and thoughtful presentation. Find a supplier that matches your standards, and you’ll appreciate the same special care that your customers experience.
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

Candle Impressions Catalogue

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